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The 18” Evil Ryu: SOTA Toys Anniversary Edition is powered by USB (included) or a standard two-prong US power cord (also included); LEDs ignite the translucent resin swirls of flame. 

Evil Ryu is a possible version of Ryu who has lapsed and given into the malevolent Shun Goku Satsu spectrum of the Ansatsuken technique. This is a Ryu version in constant flux, battling his own darkness while simultaneously mutilating anyone who opposes him. The version of Ryu stems from the Alpha storyline, recreating an original tournament where Sagat, then-defending champion, defeats Ryu but extends his hand to the fallen fighter, which only infuriates the latter. Ryu succumbs to his evil side, which culminates with the gigantic Dragon Punch which imprints the massive scar across Sagat’s chest. In his Evil Ryu mode, Ryu is faster and stronger, and also incorporates some of Akuma’s attacks into his arsenal. 


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